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Mountain Shadows

The Mountain Shadow trail system is fast and technical riding with a decent amount of rocky, tricky bits.  Generally, you will find that you spend the first half of your ride pedaling and climbing, and then finally have a killer return consisting of easy pedaling and fast descending.

The Mtn Shadows are usually the first trails to dry out.  The rock becomes slick when it rains.  Given that dirt trails make up the bulk of this system, there is still ample riding when it’s wet.

There are many different ways to ride the Mtn Shadows network, but there are a few trails that are commonly ridden downhill at fast speeds.  Although these trails are most commonly ridden in the down direction, they are still considered two way – so heads up!  These trails are Chute the Duck, Magic Dragon (from the Cliffside/Magic Dragon junction), Huff & Puff north, and Roller Coaster.  The rest of the trails commonly get ridden in both directions.


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