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Wildlife Watching

For fantastic wildlife and bird watching opportunities make sure you add Golden to your itinerary this summer. Whether you are on foot, a bike, or a motorised vehicle make sure you keep your eyes wide open as you never know what you might encounter. Our incredible mountain town and the surrounding area is home to black and grizzly bears, elk, deer, moose, big horned mountain sheep, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, mountain goats and more. The rivers and lakes have a diversity of waterfowl and birds that include osprey, bald eagles, herons and you might even see a beaver or two. To get involved with wildlife conservation and initiatives in Golden, visit

Boating in the Columbia Wetlands
The following regulations and guidelines aim to protect wildlife and
their habitat.

Boating Restrictions:
• Only motorized vessels with 20hp (15kw) or less allowed in the Columbia
River main channel.
• No towing or wakeboarding permitted in the reaches of the river.
• Side channels, sloughs and wetlands are off limits to motorized watercraft.

Additional Guidelines:
• In breeding season, stay in open water and avoid vegetated areas.
• Keep your distance from water birds and shore nests.
• Land boats only in open beach area.
• Maintain slow speeds to prevent wakes from disturbing shore nests and birds
resting or feeding on the water. Take photos of wildlife from a distance.
• Get your mandatory inspection and always clean, drain and dry your boat.
• Avoid spilling fuel, oil, or other contaminants, including garbage.
• Keep control of your dog at all times.
For more information visit

Respect wildlife and the environment. Do not feed or approach wild animals. We recommend taking a guided tour or visiting the Northern Lights Wolf Centre and the Grizzly Bear Refuge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for educational interpretive tours and information.

For wildlife tips in the parks visit Parks Canada.

Heading into the national parks? Don't forget to purchase a Parks Pass from the Golden Visitor Centre.